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Brian Leicester formed Leicester’s Soil Solutions in 1986,

With over 33 years of experience, Leicester’s offer a  professional service and products for replants of apple orchards, tree nurseries, strawberry farms and fruit and vegetable crops.

Our custom applicators are fully trained and qualified and hold an Approved Handler’s Certificate, for the different classes of fumigants, which brings expertise and an impeccable safety record.

Leicesters prides itself on having the most advanced technology to ensure precision application of soil fumigants in all environments.

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About Us

About Soil Disinfestation

Soil disinfestation is an effective way to control soil-borne organisms, pests, and diseases such as nematodes, fungi, bacteria, insects, and weeds.

During the fumigation process, fumigants dissolve into the film of water surrounding soil particles as they move through the soil airspace, where nematodes and disease-causing organisms (pathogens) live.

Pre-plant soil disinfestation, is commonly relied upon to mitigate the risk of crop loss. With the right conditions and correct application, your soil will remain pest-free and produce consistent, better results.

Our machines

Leicester’s offer precise application of soil fumigants, through use of the latest GPS guidance systems and computerised flow control systems installed on its tractors. Bringing the safest and most technologically advanced application service to our customers.

Why disinfect soil?

Limited crop rotations and intensive soil use promote the increased occurrence of certain soil-borne pathogens, pests and weeds. Even the slightest attack by pathogens can reduce yield and quality. Control of soil-borne pests will increase plant aesthetics, plant quality and vigor, crop yields, and ultimately profitability.