Soil Fumigation: The Benefits Of Ground Fumigation & Disinfestation

Strip Soil FumigationGround fumigation is a vital process that ensures the healthy – and sustained – growth of a number of crops, including potatoes, carrots, onions, watermelons, and strawberries. To name just a few.

So whether you’re planting fruit trees, root vegetables or berries, there are numerous benefits you can reap by ensuring soil borne diseases are kept at bay.

Some of these include:

1. Plant Aesthetic

Many soil borne diseases go unseen, while others can have a big impact on the aesthetic of your apple or fruit trees, plants, and crops. Ground fumigation will help to control these soil pests, allowing the plants to grow healthier.

2. Better Yield

The healthier the plant, the better the yield, and the higher the quality.

Soil borne diseases have a habit of impacting crops – such as Rhizoctonia Solani in potatoes or Violet Root Rot in carrots – lessening the quantity, and in turn the quality, of your fruits and vegetables. This is often seen in the physical appearance of the crop produced.

What happens when crops are free from fighting numerous soil borne diseases?

That energy is put to better use in encouraging growth, and increasing the quality and quantity of crops produced.

3. Higher Profits 

When the quantity and quality of a yield is higher, it makes sense that profits increase too. Increasing your profits isn’t just about cutting costs, but also smartly investing in ways to encourage future growth. Not only does soil fumigation foster this with an increased yield, but it can cut down costs involved in salvaging failed crops, or re-planting dead plants in future seasons.

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