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Current commercial microbial products and soil fumigants have limited, if any, true utility. They also leave behind residue on fruit and vegetable crops. That’s why it’s more effective to use fumigants like Chloropicrin that coax the native, beneficial microbes into higher populations, instead.

What is Chloropicrin and why is it the preferred treatment option?

Chloropicrin is a broad spectrum multi-purpose soil fumigant in use since the 1920’s with a proven track record of efficacy against soil pathogens. It is used all over the world to manage a broad spectrum of fungal, nematode, and soil insect pathogens across a wide variety of crops.

Rapidly diffusing in agricultural soils, Chloropicrin kills target fungi and susceptible organisms within just 48 hours. It does not sterilise the soil, leach, or persist in the environment after treatment as many other soil fumigants do, making it an environmentally friendlier alternative to many of those on the market today. Soil biodiversity continues, and soil health is improved.

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How can Leicesters help?

Leicesters is New Zealand’s leading provider of soil fumigation services, partnering with fruit and vegetable growers across the country in order to offer specially tailored services in order to create a healthy environment for the growth of crops.

In order to achieve these results, Leicesters use specialised soil fumigants like Chloropicrin. Chloropicrin can be applied alone or alone in combination with other fumigants in order to mitigate against infestations including Fusarium Wilt Disease, Bacterial Wilt, and Root Knot among others.

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